Our Work

Our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices is evident in the diverse range of initiatives we’ve undertaken across the industry.

Project Highlights

Together, we are shaping a future where free-range poultry isn't just a practice; it's a way of life. Explore our ongoing projects below and discover the transformative impact of our work in the world of poultry farming.

Presidential Rural Poultry Scheme

ZFRPA is supplying 4, 5 million 4-week-old birds, complete with 4,500MT feed, and 90MT stress pack for 450,000 beneficiaries across the 1 500wards in Zimbabwe.


Supplied over 16 000 free-range (boschveld chickens) complete with feed , feeders, drinkers, vaccinations to over 300 families.

Christian Care Masvingo

Supplied over 4320 day old chicks (Black Australorp, Koekoek and Boschveldt) for Chivi and Zaka smallholder farmers. Beauty Jiji led the project.

Ensure Project Manicaland

Supplied over 16,000 free-range (boschveld chickens) complete with feed, feeders, drinkers, vaccinations to over 300 families.

ECRAS Chiredzi & Mwenwzi District

Distributed over 50,000 Boschveld chickens to over 600 families. The project was led by Dr A Shamu implemented by CARE INTERNATIONAL and PLAN INTERNATIONAL and financed by DFID.