Join the Flock: Become a Member

As we celebrate our shared love for free-range poultry, we invite you to take flight with us and become a valued member of our growing family.


The Membership consists of bonfide free range poultry farmers or value chain actors, who have a passion or are practicing or promoting free range poultry and quails production be it through conventional or organic systems, who register and sign an application form with the Association and admitted after approval as member or associate.

Who is eligible?

All citizens of Zimbabwe are eligible to be association members regardless of their political affiliations. The members shall be 18 years and above and are ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe or Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

Membership shall not be limited by gender or age, tribe, race and social standing, as long as one is allowed to associate (as expounded by the country’s Constitution), they can become a member. No person shall be a member of the association while being a member of another association having the same objectives.

Members shall be bonafide farmers or key value chain players/actors in the free range poultry, quails, poultry and quails products value chains.

Membership requirements are as follows:

  1. Should be interested in commercialization of conventional and organic free range poultry and quails

  2. Can be rural, private plots, resettlement, private commercial, A1/A2 farming area, peri-urban or urban based farmer

  3. Can be key value chain actor along the free range and quails value chains.

  4. Should be willing to undergo training in free range poultry and quails production be it conventional or organic and business management

  5. Should be willing to share production information and be part of a cluster or Participatory Guarantee System for easy quality monitoring and assurance

  6. Should be paid up in joining fees and annual subscriptions to secure an up-to-date Association Annual Membership Card.

  7. Is interested in being a free-range poultry, quails and products value chain actor through value addition

How to join

To join us you need to complete a ZFRPA membership application form.

Membership Benefits

  • Training and technical support.
  • Access to technology and financial services.
  • Access to formal and informal local markets.
  • Lowering transaction costs and discounted prices.
  • Networking on various platforms and forums created by ZFRPA.
  • Representation at different levels.
  • Quality control and standardisation.
  • Advocacy and lobbying.
  • Information dissemination.