Are Farm-Fresh Eggs Safe for Consumption?

Farm-Fresh Eggs are in high demand right now with store prices skyrocketing. People are turning to their chicken-keeping neighbors for food instead of choosing the convenience of the grocery store. This is a great thing! However, many people struggle to eat fresh eggs because they have been led to believe that these eggs are not […]

10 Best Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds

Have you decided what chicken breeds to bring onto your homestead this year? Do you want meat, eggs, or both out of your flock? Cornish Cross and Rangers are good meat options and productive breeds like Leghorns are great for eggs, but did you know that you can raise dual-purpose chicken breeds that will give your family […]

Free-Ranging Chickens- The Pros vs The Cons

Chickens are known as the “gateway animals” in homesteading. So, you get a few baby chicks and then they get big. What do you do with them now? “To free-range or not to free-range?” That is the big question. We’ve been raising free-range chickens for many years. In that time we’ve learned quite a few […]