Plant more pollinator havens

From market access and technical advice to policy advocacy and cutting-edge research, our free-range poultry association empowers your success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you thrive. Join us and navigate the world of free-range with confidence!

Preserving Biodiversity

Collaborating with national parks, we implemented planting programs to create natural pollinator havens around free-range farms. This initiative not only supports bee populations but also promotes natural pest control, benefiting both farmers and the environment.

Educating the Next Generation

We partnered with local schools to install mini-coops, fostering educational workshops where children learn about ethical food choices, animal welfare, and the importance of local farming. This program has seen over 500 students engaged, many expressing a newfound appreciation for sustainable agriculture.

Supporting Food Pantries

Through our “Eggs for Hope” initiative, we donate fresh, free-range eggs to local food pantries, providing vital protein and nourishment to families facing food insecurity. This program has delivered over 10,000 eggs, ensuring access to quality food for those in need.

Are Farm-Fresh Eggs Safe for Consumption?

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10 Best Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds

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Free-Ranging Chickens- The Pros vs The Cons

Chickens are known as the “gateway animals” in homesteading. So, you get a few baby chicks and then they get big. What do you do with them now? “To free-range or not to free-range?” That is the big question. We’ve been raising free-range chickens for many years. In that time we’ve learned quite a few […]