What we do

Building a brighter future for local communities through sustainable free-range poultry.


ZFRPA is a legal entity registered in 2015 as a trust according to the Zimbabwean laws. The association seeks to promote the upliftment of communities through sustainable commercial free poultry production and marketing. ZFRPA was formed to commercialise free-range indigenous poultry, including roadrunner chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks and geese.

Our Commitment

Overal Goal

To enhance food and nutrition security, house hold incomes through sustainable commercialisation and marketing of free-range poultry and quails across all households in Zimbabwe and beyond.


To make free-range poultry including quails, a bird of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond. The target is to increase the market share in major local retail shops to more than 30%.


Our mission is to promote sustainable free-range poultry and quail production, value addition and marketing, and help grow these ventures from subsistence to commercial levels for the betterment of our members, value chain actors and communities.


  1. To promote, advance and develop the production and marketing of free-range poultry in Zimbabwe and beyond.
  2. To advance and protect the interests of all the free-range poultry value chain actors.
  3. To play a pivotal role in the free-range poultry industry in Zimbabwe.

Over 1600 Association Members in Poultry Value Chain Activities

The association has more than 1600 members who are involved in various activities across the value chain such as:

  • Production
  • Hatchery services
  • Feed processing
  • Chicks
  • Brooding facilities

Our Partners

The organization’s partners include among others the Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ), Development Partners , private sector involved in Agriculture, Research Institutions, poultry Inputs and equipment/implements manufacturers/suppliers, financial institutions, insurance companies, ICT providers, policy makers, media and transport sector.