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ZFRPA is a membership based organisation, constituted of rural, urban and peri-urban, resettlement and commercial farmers which makes it a unique model as it encompasses the entire spectrum of Zimbabwe.

The association takes cognisance of the need to empower women, youth and other vulnerable groups.  The association therefore seeks to empower communities and vulnerable groups using available resources to alleviate poverty and improve household level food and nutrition security as well as household incomes through sustainable production, branding and marketing of all free range poultry and quail products in Zimbabwe and beyond.

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ZFRPA brings all interested free range poultry farmers and value chain actors together to produce free range poultry in a sustainable conventional or organic manner as well as commercialize the free range poultry industry

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Members shall be bonafide farmers or key value chain players/actors in the free range poultry, quails, poultry and quails products value chains.

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To become a member you have to register on this platform or send us an email to request to join. Membership is not limited by gender or age, tribe, race and social standing, as long as one is allowed to associate (as expounded by the country’s Constitution), they can become a member.

ZFRPA offers capacity building activities for its wider network and membership through training in free range poultry farming, feed formulation, free range poultry disease management as well as developing internal standards and sanctions with support from ZOPPA and SAZ. This involves training interested farmers and supporting farmers to establishing Participatory Guarantee System which is a self monitoring system that ensures quality products are produced in ethical and sustainable manner for the local and international markets and linking poultry farmers to inputs and outputs markets.

Membership fee depends on which category you chose, but it starts from as little as US$2.00 per month.

The membership categories are as follows: Individuals or Couples, Students, Associate/ Affiliate Organizations/Institutions and Corporate Members

Membership Classification

The following are membership classes in ZFRPA, namely:

  1. Researcher/ Student Member ( Fulltime or part time pupils, students )
  2. Registered and Subscribed member (starters to small enterprises)
  3. Gold member (small to medium size enterprise )
  4. Platinum member (medium to large size enterprise);
  5. Institutions ( schools , producer groups, producer private sector Companies , cooperatives, CBOs, tertiary colleges etc)
  6. Affiliate/ Associate member ( NGOs, CBOs, , Donors, private companies, Consultancy Firms or Individuals)
  7. Honorary ( Ex-officio), pensioners over 60 years

We are always on the look out for new talent and volunteers. Keep visiting our careers page we might have an opportunity for you.

What makes us special?

The organization’s partners include among others the Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ), Development Partners , private sector involved in Agriculture, Research Institutions, poultry Inputs and equipment/implements manufacturers/suppliers, financial institutions, insurance companies, ICT providers, policy makers, media and transport sector.



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