Sustainable excellence in commercial free-range poultry

We are on a mission to redefine the poultry industry through our commitment to creating a sustainable commercial free-range poultry value chain. Embracing innovation, ethical practices, and environmental stewardship, we are paving the way for a future where quality meets conscientiousness.

Poultry We Promote

The association is promoting the following poultry types: free-range traditional and pure breeds of chicken, quails, ducks, turkeys and guinea fowls. We encourage our members to start with the existing local breeds and maintain a separate flock so that it doesn’t get extinct.


Pure breed




Guinea Fowl

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Business Models

The association has different business models to support its wider membership across the divide as they fill in gaps along the value chain which are:

Conventional / free range poultry

Farmers under this category:

  • Have the traditional indigenous and/or pure poultry breed which are free range
  • Use conventional feeds, veterinary medicines and
  • Grow supplementary feeds using commercial fertilizers and chemicals.

Farmers under this category:

  • Have free range indigenous poultry breeds but are introducing improved pure breeds for either egg or meat production
  • Have a well planned conversion period to organic poultry production
  • Poultry are free ranging and scavenging
  • Use ethno veterinary medicines mostly
  • Can feed with conventional feeds during the transition.

The farmers under this category:

  • Have certified organic poultry production systems in place and are practicing
  • Have gone over the conversion period
  • Use improved breeds and local indigenous poultry in their system
  • Have conservation systems in place – improved ecosystem.
  • Poultry are free range and are supplemented with organic feeds and organically produced supplements such as earthworm and maggots, Lucerne and berries plus vegetables etc
  • Use ethno vet medicines for diseases control
  • Care for the poultry and the environment
  • Have organic production as a life style

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